Month: October 2021

  • Generated By Artificial Stupidity

    Generated By Artificial Stupidity

    Today’s cutup always generates a surplus of images with which I sometimes try to generate more interesting collages and sometimes create animate gifs with a series of similar sized images. The raw gif for this series ended up being a bit too large for my blog to handle but after processing via it brought […]

  • Connections

    Developing these things, relationships. Is it the only way to get things done? The Chinese word 关系 “guānxi“. In a sense it is, no one exists in a vacuum. The goal is to build my own online art gallery. My own art museum. I have things that I would like to put in it. There […]



    I added a new letter to my acronym for judging which of my creations are worthy of displaying as an artwork. I added a final T, which allows for it to still have a fun sounding pronunciation. The scale is one to ten for each category and of course just arbitrary judgements that I would […]