Too lazy to categorize


Developing these things, relationships. Is it the only way to get things done? The Chinese word 关系 “guānxi“. In a sense it is, no one exists in a vacuum.

The goal is to build my own online art gallery. My own art museum. I have things that I would like to put in it. There are things I would like to start collecting. There are things that I would like to link from it. Connections. It’s more of a longer term plan and I’ll sure need some help.

For now I keep working toward being able to work on TheWork. Making small steps. I made some animated gifs from the “coalesced” images I collected today. I noticed there were many 500×500 pixel images, so I grabbed them all…

~/Werk/coalesce/2021/10/25/images$ identify coalesce-Oct-25-2021-* | grep 500x500 | awk '{ print $1 }' > animate.txt

And coalesced them into a .gif like so:

~/Werk/coalesce/2021/10/25/images$ convert -delay 10 -loop 0 coalesce-Oct-25-2021-107.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-119.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-124.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-136.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-137.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-139.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-142.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-143.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-148.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-156.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-168.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-176.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-178.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-1.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-220.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-230.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-233.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-238.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-268.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-287.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-296.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-298.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-301.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-315.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-316.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-317.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-318.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-329.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-337.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-338.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-343.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-346.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-34.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-35.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-375.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-395.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-396.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-399.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-47.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-4.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-62.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-72.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-76.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-88.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-93.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-95.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-96.jpg coalesce-Oct-25-2021-1.gif

I tried the transitions at different speeds and not sure which is best. The typical 10 value I use for the delay which is much shorter than a second? A millisecond? I dunno what unit of time it is, but it’s quick. Seizure inducing quick which can be annoying so I’ll include it at the bottom. Starting out a little slower, here is what the transition looks like at a delay of 60:

Here is a delay of 30:

Here is the delay of 10, I hope you are ready for the strobe effect:

The last one went well w/ the latest Ministry album which I listened to today:

I started out the day listening to St. Vincent which is a bit calmer but tempered by a bit of the same cynicism maybe that Ministry brings to the table. It is needed now even more that 1989 I dare say. I really wasn’t going anywhere with this, but there are some connections for me.

Too lazy to categorize


I added a new letter to my initialism for judging which of my creations are worthy of displaying as an artwork. I added a final T, which allows for it to still have a fun sounding pronunciation.

  • V for the vibe of the thing.
  • O for originality, does the image look unique, like something you haven’t seen before?
  • C for composition, do the different images or layers work together?
  • A for aesthetic, does the image look like art?
  • T for how transformational the image is. Does it depart from the source material, or is there something from the source material that still defines the image?

The scale is one to ten for each category and of course just arbitrary judgements that I would not likely cast the same way twice. It allowed me to pick this image as the most suitable collage to represent my art today:


It’s suitably abstract, it has a certain style and really doesn’t depend on any one element from the source material. There were many other images that I scored very close to this one. This scoring a 42 out of 50. There were several 41’s today like this one:


Looking through some of the images I somewhat randomly allocated in the daily cutup, if I went through the images again I would most certainly judge differently. I skipped over this one, but I think it deserves a second look:


There are some identifiable features in there but I think the composition works well. Not the best day for collages today. Yesterday there was one simple collage that struck me. I didn’t bother to rate it on the scale, I knew it was the one from the effect it had on me.

It has this kind of after school special sort of feeling. The mask hanging on the door knob and a couple embracing. It’s sort of suggestive, but of what I really don’t know. It stopped and made me think though. Since it feels very now to me, I’ve offered it on Hic Et Nunc as an NFT. Hic Et Nunc, which means “here and now in Latin, is supposed to be a kinder, gentler NFT marketplace using the Tezos blockchain.

I’ve stopped creating NFT’s on the OpenSea marketplace for now, using the Ethereum v1 blockchain, but there are 100 NFTs available there in this collection.

I’m closing in on a year of cutups on I looked back over the past few months today and it’s an interesting way to reflect back on things. They are like a dream of the news and things I’ve read over the past few months. Some days the cutup is memorable to me, and I remember the quick assembly process and my thoughts and reactions to the text and images, and other days are a mystery and I can’t really remember having seen them before. Some days I skim over the text quicker than others. Sometimes I might look up something a name or phrase that got posted in the text. Or recognise something in an image. Whatever it is I am doing it’s something I have to do. Dealing with the passage of time and the urge to create something.