The medium is the message.

What does the medium of a personal blog on the Internet say… What would Marshall McLuhan think about the Internet? The obvious place to launch this inquiry: Interestingly he crept back into my consciousness the other day watching an episode of The Sopranos. Which is sort of a circular pattern here. Currently I’m binging […]

Today’s feeds

Escapes from captivity: The first one I noticed about that man freed from Syria lead to his blog: It is somewhat inspirational, an ambitious project. A book about Rewi Alley, the author interviewed by Kim on the Saturday Morning show today. I’ve heard him mentioned before but now I am more interested […]


There once was this hard bound magazine. A real visual feast. Tactile as well, since it was hardbound. The musty waxy smell as you turned through the pages. They were already about twenty years old when I encountered them. They would be about forty now. Over forty I guess. Unlike the Audience “workaday” staff […]