I had no idea what I was doing, still don’t.

It was a website, yes. I payed $50 dollars to some third party to register the domain. I wrote about this here:


Which was a Drupal site I am/was experimenting with. Like I said, I still have no idea what I am doing. But instead of trying to figure out, I’m just going to do it. Keep a regular blog. Post random thoughts. Just like everyone else in the world could do if they wanted to. Which is obviously not true, but I wish that it were.

So it has been 20 years now of not really getting how the Internet works. Let’s look at the way back machine:


A hand written HTML site for the purpose of what? I didn’t really know. All I know is that I wanted a platform to publish my own art and to collaborate with others. I cleaned floors at night in the Electric Shadow Internet Cafe for computer and Internet access. It was an exciting time, learning about technology and doing something, and mostly failing to do anything productive. Which is fine. This is fine.

I remember making a few collages that I was happy with. Gosh, now a cut-up poem that I used bubble gum to glue the cut up words to a piece of paper comes back to my mind. That piece has been lost, but I held on to it for a while. In a big grey file cabinet I dragged around several places of residence. There is a suitcase full of items I’ve managed to hang on to. And this blog may be a place where I can examine some of these artifacts from my life. Why? Why not.






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