Month: August 2019

  • keewee colour

    Today I draw. Someone asked on Twitter, why are the facists winning? I guess because they are gerks. And most of us have apathy. Things are going good, why change? This machine might not kill facists, but it certainly does not like them. They are in the system somewhere and we can at least try […]

  • Quasi Love

    The other day walking through the city center I was surprised to see this hand man towering over me. Having read about him and seen pictures of him in Christchurch it was only a momentary surprise since I knew he was coming. It must be shocking for people who had not heard about him before. […]

  • Bucky

  • Where do you find the time?

    It’s been two weeks since I have last been able to write anything here? I said to myself, I’ll have to write two blog posts to catch up, but I won’t to lie you, I’m not. Carrying on from my last post, in the past week that I heard on the radio. It was an […]