Quasi Love

The other day walking through the city center I was surprised to see this hand man towering over me. Having read about him and seen pictures of him in Christchurch it was only a momentary surprise since I knew he was coming.

All Hail Quasi

It must be shocking for people who had not heard about him before. Seeing the expression on people’s faces when sometimes you catch someone seeing him for the first time is part of the fun.

While we stood taking pictures today and enjoying the sunny winter day, a woman shared her criticism with us:

  • It’s ugly.
  • It’s disturbing.
  • It cost too much money that could be better spent to support the arts in some other way.

Those were the main criticisms I heard. The only weak defense I manged to utter was that it attracts attention. It’s more than that though, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.






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