Month: September 2021

  • Two Decades

    Two decades of largely living digitally. Two points in time where we all take a reality check. Thinking back to my twenty year ago self, I would never have guessed that I would be half way around the world and marking the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 by getting my second dose of […]

  • Chance Operations

    One incentive for myself to write here more often, is that in the RSS reader that draws upon to create the daily cutup, is a subscription to this very blog. I’ve idly thought about writing a script to go through and pull out random images from my personal photo collection and collage them together […]

  • Today’s Favourite Collage

    Everyday I take random images from my RSS reader, and composite them with random options fed into ImageMagick. Which I’ve mentioned before. WordPress really doesn’t have a way interlinking posts does it? Anyway. Just looking at the blocks of things you can do w/ WordPress, oh look a verse block. I did start writing a […]

  • Some cats I’d like to buy

    Some cats I’d like to buy

    Searching for collage on OpenSea this morning, I found: The first time I tried to buy it the gas cost was around $60. I waited a few minutes and then it went up again. I guess I’ll come back later. (Update: I did eventually buy them, and set them as “featured image” here.) This […]

  • Express yourself

    This is a concept that is easier said than done. Although it certainly brings this song to mind. You have to choose your art form. Mine happens to look something like this today. A collage which was generated for, but not included in the daily cutup. One of 400 collages I generated today. Why? Why […]