Express yourself

This is a concept that is easier said than done. Although it certainly brings this song to mind.

You have to choose your art form. Mine happens to look something like this today.

A collage which was generated for, but not included in the daily cutup. One of 400 collages I generated today. Why? Why not, someone has to do it. That is my philosophy anyway, about digital collage. Like the mountain when asked why he climbs mountains. Because it’s there.

For me it’s the adoption of an art practice that keeps me going. No one else would be looking at these images and constructing this textual sculpture in exactly this way. The generated text seems to be a narrative. It’s not, but my mind wants to make it into one. With out any real conscious effort it tries to make connections and meaning.

I reach out and she clasps my hand. “Stay same thing. Someday, maybe.”

I visualise a scene in some unmade Anime, a women shot, in broken English farewells her would be foreign lover. I don’t mind telling you the text for the titles are plucked out from a mass of text, which is later further processed and recombined.

Los Angeles polite post assumes that this will be the result of these changes of dual workers and caregivers, and some “gender baggage” will have an impact because they can escape people from provoking future wealthy people. Shot, she took my hand. “Keep it as it is. One day, maybe.”

This text has been shuffled and translated in and out of Chinese, but you can recognize some of the source material is the same. It’s rough text that doesn’t really make sense. The point is to de-construct the text and recombine it in an unexpected way. A way to generate new ideas. A daily oracle based on the text and images being published on the Internet, that I might look at but don’t have the time. Digested and regurgitated into a slightly gross pattern. There is no meaning but what you make of it — what you can derive from it. It’s just a thing that I do, a service I provide.






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