In Search of Equality

We have all witnessed the life drain out of this beautiful black man by the name of George Floyd.

There is not much I can say that would do any good here. Recently I have lost two Uncles who very kind and dear to me. Since then I have been working on some simple digital paintings using a program called Krita. The latest was done today with George and all the protesters in mind.

In Search of Equality

The June 3rd anniversary has passed which normally I pay particular attention to. As a boy in 1989 again consuming the media and not understanding what I was seeing on the television set that summer. My today self still trying to make sense of then and now. It is indeed an interesting comparison to be made this year. This, my own particular interest in the state response to the protests. The use of force.

Covida 00

Why did we not resolve this after the riots in Los Angeles in 1991 after the beating of Rodney King? This is a vivid association for me, I can’t remember being this disturbed by media reports since watching those events unfold. Then there is everything that has happened since then. A time from my late teens until my mid forties. I feel guilt that I am a part of this society and this race which lies beneath so much injustice. So much failure to grow and change.

Covida 01

I pledge to work on undoing the racism that I have inherited.

Covida 02

Closing my eyes there was a field of black with a gold figure.

Covida 03

These are my failures in an attempt to capture that vision.

Covida 04






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