Buckley on Mcluhan

I found this interesting, listening to a debate from 1967 between William F. Buckley and Timothy Leary.

It surprises me on one hand how I think Leary is a bit far out, but then on the other hand being far out is good. I am not sure why he clung to comparing the psychedelic experience to religion, but then again I am pretty far removed from any psychedelic experiences right now. Maybe if I was allowed to have them, from a legal standpoint, I would be a bit more religious. I have been enjoying these videos, the many debates Buckley had. From James Baldwin to Allen Ginsberg.

I’d sure like to read more about this arc of Buckley’s encounters with these sort of progressive intellectuals and what we can gather from it today.






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  1. Charles Kaltwasser Avatar
    Charles Kaltwasser

    Now in the year 2023, try to find someone who heard of Marshall Mcluhan or Buckminster Fuller, or even know what a geodesic dome is. But they all heard of Rambo & Robocop

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