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  • The Art Of The Coblage Post

    The Art Of The Coblage Post

    I’ve been getting a lot of writing help from the AI lately. Not just asking it, hey write this thing for me, but conversing with it to tease out ideas and revise writing. For instance, I am trying to describe what I am trying to accomplish with the site here: I have been using […]

  • Ragequit Remorse

    Ragequit Remorse

    That emotional response was entirely satisfying. And then the realisation you have done something stupid washes over. The first sign you have exposed yourself is when you get that message that your MFA has been disabled. Then you start thinking about your username becoming available and what if someone else registers it. Within 30 days […]

  • Goodbye Twitter

    Goodbye Twitter

    This was the last thing I tweeted on Twitter. I didn’t bother to try downloading an archive of my tweets or whatever. On the nightly news I heard about the poll. I saw some of Musk’s tweets today. I don’t care. It’s like Live Journal. Dead to me. Just for being associated with Russia and […]

  • I Am Not Good At This

    I Am Not Good At This

    At writing a blog. Looking for a job. At being professional, I guess. What do I need a job for anyway? Oh, right money. Please hire me, I can push technical debt around. You can too if you just read this academic paper: Most people these days are working half-arsed, I mean “Agile” so […]

  • Meaning Makes You Tired

    Meaning Makes You Tired

    It’s much better to come up with it after the fact. Or just have someone on YouTube explain it to you. Thinking is work. It requires energy. This is why a lot of people don’t do it. Can’t I just pay you to think for me? Yes, you can. We call this the knowledge economy. […]

  • Jammy Upgrade

    Jammy Upgrade

    We are now living in the Jammy Ubuntu 22.04 world. The horizontal workspaces don’t work for me, and for now I am getting by with this plugin: Until I can get the vertical workspace switcher working again. Possibly this plugin, which is not currently supporting Gnome 42: I don’t dislike the horizontal workspace switching, and […]

  • Update Known Hosts

    I’m trying to live in that immutable infrastructure world where you just rebuild your machines images instead of patching running systems and then deploy them to the cloud. But, I am so used to ssh’ing into things, especially test things where you are trying to figure out how to do something and just need to […]

  • Connections

    Developing these things, relationships. Is it the only way to get things done? The Chinese word 关系 “guānxi“. In a sense it is, no one exists in a vacuum. The goal is to build my own online art gallery. My own art museum. I have things that I would like to put in it. There […]



    I added a new letter to my acronym for judging which of my creations are worthy of displaying as an artwork. I added a final T, which allows for it to still have a fun sounding pronunciation. The scale is one to ten for each category and of course just arbitrary judgements that I would […]

  • Two Decades

    Two decades of largely living digitally. Two points in time where we all take a reality check. Thinking back to my twenty year ago self, I would never have guessed that I would be half way around the world and marking the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 by getting my second dose of […]