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  • A Billion Tons of Carbon Christmas Balls

    A Billion Tons of Carbon Christmas Balls

    I set myself a deadline to write about this supreme court case Warhol vs. Goldsmith. I’ve blown through two of those now. ?️? The case is still being considered, but the oral argument has been heard. After I had a few glasses of wine and sat down on the couch one night, it was partially […]

  • It’s Possible To Dream.

    It’s Possible To Dream.

    There is a lot we still don’t know… About what? Politics? Making art? The Universe? Science? There is certainly a lot about mathematics I still don’t know. Sometimes things just come together. Randomness is a factor. With every major software upgrade, there is that annoying period where the things you used to do don’t work […]

  • Your Uber to the underworld is here.

    Your Uber to the underworld is here.

    The modern dilemma. What to write on your blog. Why write at all? What do I have to say about anything? Working with AWS? I wouldn’t be working with AWS unless I got paid to do that, and I’m not going to do that for free. In my free time. I want to make art. […]

  • Generated By Artificial Stupidity

    Generated By Artificial Stupidity

    Today’s cutup always generates a surplus of images with which I sometimes try to generate more interesting collages and sometimes create animate gifs with a series of similar sized images. The raw gif for this series ended up being a bit too large for my blog to handle but after processing via it brought […]

  • Art over time

    Art over time

    I mean, I really don’t know what I am doing. You try to develop a theory, or make some kind of sense out of reality, but then at some point you just have to do something. That something for me is taking the materials of the Internet and combining them in different ways and observing […]