Your Uber to the underworld is here.

The modern dilemma. What to write on your blog. Why write at all? What do I have to say about anything? Working with AWS? I wouldn’t be working with AWS unless I got paid to do that, and I’m not going to do that for free. In my free time. I want to make art.

Sometimes a composited image that I create comes up, and it wants to have a title. My title for this one is, “Your Uber to the underworld is here”. The images come from my RSS reader and are randomly composited together. I do this everyday because:

  • Why not?
  • Someone has to do it
  • I like surprises
  • It is good practice

Some days are better than others when you are dealing with chance operations. Curious where the images were coming from, I went and looked them up in the reader. Part of the reason for doing is this is every day there are so many stories published on the Internet, the only way to keep an eye on things is through some sort of random sampling. If I did not engage in what in my mind is an art practice, but to the untrained eye is just some nonsense, I wouldn’t catch this blog post that is of interest to me:

It was discovering an artist and looking at these pieces that was of most interest to me. And here not even knowing the name Virginia Frances Sterrett before today, I’ve already engaged with her artwork in a personal and memorable way. The next time I come across her artwork, I’ll be able to think, oh right, the car collage.

The artwork strikes a chord w/ me, since I have had a lifelong fascination with the artwork by Harry Clarke in an edition of Goethe’s Faust that I happened to buy a copy of in my teenage years. Which the image I picked up in today’s cutup first made me think of. The closest I ever came to getting a tattoo was of an illustration from this book, which Maria Popova also wrote about several years ago:

It also gives me something to write about. Blogging about blogging. Writing about writing, making collages from the digital images that come into my RSS reader any given day. How is it not making art about art?






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