It’s Possible To Dream.

There is a lot we still don’t know…

About what? Politics? Making art? The Universe? Science? There is certainly a lot about mathematics I still don’t know. Sometimes things just come together. Randomness is a factor.

With every major software upgrade, there is that annoying period where the things you used to do don’t work exactly the same any more. And you wonder if you are going to need to roll back, but then you find that button is missing now because they replaced it with a nifty keyboard search method. That’s really great, but my phone’s virtual keyboard is not quite as easy to use as an actual keyboard. And that is where I do a lot of blog editing these days, using an Android phone.

I’m talking about the recent WordPress 6.1 upgrade, of course. It’s not what I was dreaming about. It is a thing that just happens to me. WordPress upgrades. Once the new update is available, a script which runs once a week will automatically update my blog. I don’t have a fancy CI/CD process, so if something goes wrong, and I need to roll back, the process is quite painful. Fetch the daily backup from before the upgrade and manually restore.

I guess what I am dreaming about is having the time to properly configure a CI/CD pipeline for the organically evolving personal infrastructure, which is a conglomeration of Free/Open Source software tools. I use them to create art, to write and take notes, and generally make a living by creating things of a value people want to use, see or read. One day my art, my work, and my life will blend seamlessly into one singularity blob, and I guess that is what I dream about. Also, the great political polarisation to end, world peace and some reduction in greenhouse gasses.

As far as my life and my art are concerned, it’s probably going to involve significantly more Python code. I’m looking at you NLTK toolkit.

Also, this. And this. Probably other things.






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