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A watercolour before bed

Just some more practice with Krita.

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The Platform is the Perspective

The choice of platform when creating digital art should require some contemplation. The use of commercial software platforms have their place. In some minds that is no place, but in others it is first and foremost. The platform and my perspective is that if you give me the opportunity to contribute, I will use it. Maybe at this time I am too preoccupied to participate, but I want that option and I can at least now use the product of the collective to produce something. Anything.

Black sketch in Krita

To honour the efforts of the community who collaborate on these amazing projects only these “Free Open Source Software” platforms are interesting to me. In my perspective the people who are using proprietary software tools are not thinking critically. On the one hand I see they are outcome orientated, only focused on results. Give me the tools to do the job and what process or ideology that put these things into my hand does not matter. The process is so important. The medium is still the message, but now we call the medium the platform. But what is the message. I’ve already stated: I’m not going to use commercial tools, but rather the tools the community provide. This is not a commercial endeavour. This is my free time, and the tools I use will also be “Free”. For whatever it is worth, and at this stage to the onlooker it may seem very little. Oh but it is precious. So very precious.

Photo Manipulation in Pocket Paint

The word of the day: 像

So much to do and learn in the time that is left to me. Develop an art practice. Writing. Research. Work, work, work. There is so much to do and not enough time. Speaking of time, I spent an inordinate amount of with Pocket Paint today just removing some white edges where the fill tolerance was not low or high enough on this image today, based on the character for xiàng:

Pocket Paint colour fill

I played with two other colour palettes before arriving at some green that felt right. Why spend time on these childlike primitive drawings? Is that what you think? Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. I did spend time on this. I made this, it didn’t exist before I made it. And then it only existed on one very old tablet computer in some memory and on an old sd card recycled from some former phone. Now it’s uploaded to a webserver stored on some replicated storage and cached in a few browsers now. If you viewed it then it’s cached again somewhere else. The image exists and has a life of it’s own now, and I created it. If that is not some form of art I don’t know what is. See you down the road.

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keewee colour

Today I draw.

It happens

Someone asked on Twitter, why are the facists winning? I guess because they are gerks. And most of us have apathy. Things are going good, why change? This machine might not kill facists, but it certainly does not like them. They are in the system somewhere and we can at least try to avoid them.

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Quasi Love

The other day walking through the city center I was surprised to see this hand man towering over me. Having read about him and seen pictures of him in Christchurch it was only a momentary surprise since I knew he was coming.

All Hail Quasi

It must be shocking for people who had not heard about him before. Seeing the expression on people’s faces when sometimes you catch someone seeing him for the first time is part of the fun.

While we stood taking pictures today and enjoying the sunny winter day, a woman shared her criticism with us:

  • It’s ugly.
  • It’s disturbing.
  • It cost too much money that could be better spent to support the arts in some other way.

Those were the main criticisms I heard. The only weak defense I manged to utter was that it attracts attention. It’s more than that though, but I can’t quite put my finger on it.

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Where do you find the time?

It’s been two weeks since I have last been able to write anything here? I said to myself, I’ll have to write two blog posts to catch up, but I won’t to lie you, I’m not. Carrying on from my last post, in the past week that I heard on the radio. It was an interviewee on the Radio New Zealand Saturday Morning programme.

The professor being interviewed referenced him in a weird way I thought. Saying that the protestors of the Occupy movement were using their very presence, their bodies were the message as I extrapolate, occupying the places they were protesting. And sadly once they left the message was gone, evaporated.

While that is true, the occupiers are gone, the message was conveyed. It still has the same meaning now that they have left the premises. The protesters in Hong Kong are what sparked that conversation, so to some extent they are carrying on the discourse between state and resistance. Futile may it be someone has to have it.

Which brings me to the discourse, or lack thereof, that you will find on platforms like WeChat. Particularly, reviewing the comments on a typical China Daily political post you will only find the commenters echoing and supporting the party agenda. It’s quite chilling and you think to yourself, what would happen if I posted a challenging comment? Would it be censored? Would my handle be put on some watch list? I don’t really want to find out, but the answer is: yes, it would.

A BBC article on this topic:

The next 30 years are not looking like a very comfortable place to live in. And this will span the last portion of my life. So there is work to do. There is writing to do. The question is when to do it? Better be quick because there is not that much time left for it in the day.

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What’s in a name?

It’s easy to order up a bunch of domain names and then do nothing with them. I purchased my first domain – – over twenty years ago now. I let it go, someone else registered it and then they did very little with it for many years. When they let it go I purchased it again for nostalgia sake. I’ll own some of these domains for the rest of my life. Some I may let go.

Speaking of names, the name I use for this blog and write with here is something of a bad habit. Too late to shake it now. We didn’t want to use our real names on the Internet back in the day. This one has stuck.

So I guess the question you ask yourself when starting a blog – AGAIN – is why do it? Exploring WordPress and seeing what it can do is one reason. What can it do? Store a bunch of text in a database. Display text on computer screens. Allow you to create categories and tags for the things you write about. I think I will categorize this post as “Meta”. Blogging about blogging. I am sure there are a few of those – blogs about blogs – out there.

Chinese. I want to learn Chinese. 中文。 That is something I will write about obviously. Another category. So self discovery through blogging. Self directed learning. It’s a thing right? Got to type somewhere and I am interested in a lot of things. Improving my ability to write being one of them.

Ok this is long enough. But where is the image? Every blog post should have an annoying stock image attached. Well here is a link to a relevant image:

It’s been around for a while, so should be there for you to click on for the foreseeable future. I posted a comment on it eleven years ago as I write this.

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Today’s feeds

Escapes from captivity:

The first one I noticed about that man freed from Syria lead to his blog:


It is somewhat inspirational, an ambitious project.

A book about Rewi Alley, the author interviewed by Kim on the Saturday Morning show today. I’ve heard him mentioned before but now I am more interested in his story:

The NZ China Society has some information on him, for instance:

I’ve been walking around house questioning my own motivations today in writing a blog. It is primarily a journal. A personal journal. So I wonder if I should move it to something like I anticipate the name being confusing to those people who may encounter the site, and for the people I would like to direct here. Maybe I will look into it.

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Looking Back

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Phantom Threads

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Add title

Start writing. It seems so easy. Staring into the blank nothingness of digital whiteness.

Three layers

Those free minutes in the morning. The sun shining in my face. I thought about taking a selfie. The moment passed.