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  • Chance Operations

    One incentive for myself to write here more often, is that in the RSS reader that draws upon to create the daily cutup, is a subscription to this very blog. I’ve idly thought about writing a script to go through and pull out random images from my personal photo collection and collage them together […]

  • Today’s Favourite Collage

    Everyday I take random images from my RSS reader, and composite them with random options fed into ImageMagick. Which I’ve mentioned before. WordPress really doesn’t have a way interlinking posts does it? Anyway. Just looking at the blocks of things you can do w/ WordPress, oh look a verse block. I did start writing a […]

  • Some cats I’d like to buy

    Some cats I’d like to buy

    Searching for collage on OpenSea this morning, I found: The first time I tried to buy it the gas cost was around $60. I waited a few minutes and then it went up again. I guess I’ll come back later. (Update: I did eventually buy them, and set them as “featured image” here.) This […]

  • Express yourself

    This is a concept that is easier said than done. Although it certainly brings this song to mind. You have to choose your art form. Mine happens to look something like this today. A collage which was generated for, but not included in the daily cutup. One of 400 collages I generated today. Why? Why […]

  • Incremental Improvements

    Eventually the daily cutups at will be completely automated. But today we are not quite there yet. While a series of scripts create the cutups and collages, choosing and inserting the collage into the post each day remains a manual task. I don’t really know how to automate that part yet, but I have […]

  • Painting with Brain Waves

    The City Gallery exhibit called The Algorithmic Impulse closed about a week ago which meant it was time for me to go and pick up my artwork that I had created as part of it. Back in January I went to the City Gallery and donned an EEG headset and sat at a desk writing […]

  • User Story

    Even though I am the creator of, I am also it’s number one user. The process is currently an automated job runs at 6:30 am in the morning about 30 minutes before I typically wake up and takes the last 100 stories from my RSS readers, folds and rearranges lines of text and creates […]

  • Yī píng xī lā zǐ

    I have been making a lot of collages lately and am indeed publishing a whole other blog full of them on a daily basis: Today there is some overflow like this one: What I would say if I was not afraid of reprisals to from China. Dear China, Yes we want your money. But […]

  • Buckley on Mcluhan

    I found this interesting, listening to a debate from 1967 between William F. Buckley and Timothy Leary. It surprises me on one hand how I think Leary is a bit far out, but then on the other hand being far out is good. I am not sure why he clung to comparing the psychedelic experience […]

  • Why I voted

    To my memory I had not voted in an American general election since 2004 and I didn’t think I would ever vote in one again. As far as I can recollect I have never voted for a Democrat before either. Nor a Republican for that matter of course. You see I am what they call […]