I Am Not Good At This

At writing a blog. Looking for a job. At being professional, I guess. What do I need a job for anyway? Oh, right money.

Please hire me, I can push technical debt around. You can too if you just read this academic paper:


Most people these days are working half-arsed, I mean “Agile” so maybe read this:


Money is boring, creating things of value is interesting. Obviously, the Internet is valuable. Infrastructure that you can encode into text files in a git repository and then deploy from there is valuable.

Not destroying the environment is also valuable. This task is a bit more difficult than deploying cloud infrastructure. The cloud infrastructure occupies huge buildings that require a lot of electricity. It’s so easy to get lost in the virtual world, where nothing matters.

Virtualisation is somewhat environmentally friendly, we are able to pack more “virtual machines” into smaller amounts of hardware, so that is a positive at least. But it seems like the space continues to get filled by more machines that do more. It’s not going away, but there are some things we could do better, it’s a start:

The again, I do have the “hole theory” of how to solve the technical debt and all other IT problems. First we have to find all the computers. All of them, in the world. Then find a gigantic hole. Put them all inside it and then cover it up. Ok, maybe creating a landfill with all the world’s IT equipment is not going to help things.






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