Jammy Upgrade

We are now living in the Jammy Ubuntu 22.04 world. The horizontal workspaces don’t work for me, and for now I am getting by with this plugin:

Until I can get the vertical workspace switcher working again. Possibly this plugin, which is not currently supporting Gnome 42:

I don’t dislike the horizontal workspace switching, and on my media PC it’s fine, maybe I prefer it. But on a two screen workstation setup, where the left screen stays static, that is it doesn’t use a workspace switcher, and on my right screen, I prefer to scroll the workspaces up and down. I’m sure sanity will be restored soon.

[Update: The vertical workspace switcher plugin is coming along, but my solution ended up being to not have the two monitors side by side any more. I put one up higher, and not right next to the other. Now the horizontal work space switching does not cause so much dysphoria.]

In other news, there is no other news. I deleted my Live Journal which was under another name “desierto” which was about 20 years old. No Russian web blog for me, thanks. I did quickly copy out every post into an archive, but was tempted to just delete it forever. Although possibly there is some Geocities type archive of every Live Journal blog that ever existed out there, I wouldn’t be surprised.

The cutups keep coming. I took a break for a while from creating Tezos NFTs, but revisited what has become of the hicetnunc community today, minting this collage which I was pleased with today:

Thoughts and plans, mostly thoughts of building floydwilde.gallery as some sort of online exhibition space, continue in my head. Some little work being done, maybe years away still.

Posting an almost daily thought to go with the daily cutup here:

That is all for now.






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