Local Selection Mask

I have a new quest to understand what it is. Local Selection Mask. In Krita. All I know was I was working on a digital painting, and I applied this thing and produced an effect which I liked. But it’s not part of the image it’s just how the mask looks, but it’s more an editing device than an affect applied to the image.

A Krita painting composed of several layers with green, red and light purple colouring.

I had a vision of a green painting, there were several layers of different shades of green and in the centre bottom of the image were two figures. A black and white photograph was collaged in between the layers, a portrait of two people. The photograph seemed old and worn. Of course I completely failed to capture what I saw in the vision here but I was somewhat pleased with the result. I looked for a suitable image that matched the one in my vision, but I could not find it in the creative commons or Internet archives databases I know of.

The red was not even a colour I had intended to use, and the layer comes from a random image I inserted into the painting layers I had created. The image was not working in the painting until I clicked on this Local Selection Mask option and I liked how that looked. But I could not export the image the way it looked with the mask applied so I just took a screen shot of it.

Well we are fortunate to live in a country where red is not a bad colour politically. Green is more my colour but the reds are not terrible, like they are elsewhere. I dedicate my humble digital artwork to their success. And to Chloe’s win, that was amazing.






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