Meaning Makes You Tired

It’s much better to come up with it after the fact. Or just have someone on YouTube explain it to you.

Thinking is work. It requires energy. This is why a lot of people don’t do it. Can’t I just pay you to think for me? Yes, you can. We call this the knowledge economy. Which takes us over to Peter Drucker. Who was this guy? He keeps coming up in my life.

So, getting paid to think. It’s a thing. I guess the challenge is to convince people you’re thinking is worth paying for. There are other people who think better than me. I don’t really want to think, I’d rather pay someone else to do it. But I don’t have that many resources, so I’d better think up something else.

I’m interested in things. So let’s think about them. Like, where do ideas come from? Personally, I think some Jewish people figured this out w/ the Kaballah. Maybe not where they come from, that may still be a mystery, but possibly how they develop into fruition.

Oh look, I learned something new today:

David Bowie‘s 1976 song “Station to Station” references the concept in the line “Here are we, one magical movement from Kether to Malkuth/There are you, you drive like a demon from station to station.”

When you think of the Tree Of Life as a map for thought, where the ideas come in through Kether and work their way down through vision and revision until they make their way to the material plane. When that idea becomes something in the outside world — something outside your self — then you have become like a god, bringing something into existence out of nothing.

Creative people are drawn to this diagram because it’s simply a tool, a way to map out your creativity. What I get from some of the Bowie songs in “Station To Station” is, put all the where do we come from and what does it all mean questions aside. We just need to get on and do something with what time we have. Experiment and explore. Do the work.

The point is, making meaning is work. The very definition of work could be making meaning. A task to be undertaken. And it’s nice to have frameworks and tools to help get the work done. Sometimes you have to make them yourself or adapt ideas from other spheres.






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