Floating downstream.

  • Painting with Brain Waves

    The City Gallery exhibit called The Algorithmic Impulse closed about a week ago which meant it was time for me to go and pick up my artwork that I had created as part of it. Back in January I went to the City Gallery and donned an EEG headset and sat at a desk writing […]

  • Eva & Franco Mattes

    Some inspiration. I spent a day walking around MUDAM in early 2019. So that also brings back some pleasant memories. I picked up in my RSS reader from their blog: The MUDAM exhibition is also interesting: https://mefamily.mudam.com/about

  • Art over time

    Art over time

    I mean, I really don’t know what I am doing. You try to develop a theory, or make some kind of sense out of reality, but then at some point you just have to do something. That something for me is taking the materials of the Internet and combining them in different ways and observing […]

  • User Story

    Even though I am the creator of Coalesce.me, I am also it’s number one user. The process is currently an automated job runs at 6:30 am in the morning about 30 minutes before I typically wake up and takes the last 100 stories from my RSS readers, folds and rearranges lines of text and creates […]

  • Yī píng xī lā zǐ

    I have been making a lot of collages lately and am indeed publishing a whole other blog full of them on a daily basis: https://coalesce.me Today there is some overflow like this one: What I would say if I was not afraid of reprisals to from China. Dear China, Yes we want your money. But […]

  • Buckley on Mcluhan

    I found this interesting, listening to a debate from 1967 between William F. Buckley and Timothy Leary. It surprises me on one hand how I think Leary is a bit far out, but then on the other hand being far out is good. I am not sure why he clung to comparing the psychedelic experience […]

  • Why I voted

    To my memory I had not voted in an American general election since 2004 and I didn’t think I would ever vote in one again. As far as I can recollect I have never voted for a Democrat before either. Nor a Republican for that matter of course. You see I am what they call […]

  • Local Selection Mask

    I have a new quest to understand what it is. Local Selection Mask. In Krita. All I know was I was working on a digital painting, and I applied this thing and produced an effect which I liked. But it’s not part of the image it’s just how the mask looks, but it’s more an […]

  • TheWork

    There is work and then there is TheWork. Work is what you do to make money and make a living. TheWork is something personal that is important to you and may even define you. For some lucky few people work and TheWork may be one and the same. For most others I believe there is […]

  • Thinking about Ā Mua

    Last week Ruth Bader Ginsburg past away. One of our biggest fears for this American political cycle realised. She was the anchor for our progressive hopes and dreams on that high court bench. We will carry on without her. I made this digital painting in her memory. In Aotearoa it was Maori Language week. These […]

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