Floating downstream.

  • Update Known Hosts

    I’m trying to live in that immutable infrastructure world where you just rebuild your machines images instead of patching running systems and then deploy them to the cloud. But, I am so used to ssh’ing into things, especially test things where you are trying to figure out how to do something and just need to […]

  • Generated By Artificial Stupidity

    Generated By Artificial Stupidity

    Today’s cutup always generates a surplus of images with which I sometimes try to generate more interesting collages and sometimes create animate gifs with a series of similar sized images. The raw gif for this series ended up being a bit too large for my blog to handle but after processing via https://ezgif.com/ it brought […]

  • Connections

    Developing these things, relationships. Is it the only way to get things done? The Chinese word 关系 “guānxi“. In a sense it is, no one exists in a vacuum. The goal is to build my own online art gallery. My own art museum. I have things that I would like to put in it. There […]



    I added a new letter to my acronym for judging which of my creations are worthy of displaying as an artwork. I added a final T, which allows for it to still have a fun sounding pronunciation. The scale is one to ten for each category and of course just arbitrary judgements that I would […]

  • Two Decades

    Two decades of largely living digitally. Two points in time where we all take a reality check. Thinking back to my twenty year ago self, I would never have guessed that I would be half way around the world and marking the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 by getting my second dose of […]

  • Chance Operations

    One incentive for myself to write here more often, is that in the RSS reader that Coalesce.me draws upon to create the daily cutup, is a subscription to this very blog. I’ve idly thought about writing a script to go through and pull out random images from my personal photo collection and collage them together […]

  • Today’s Favourite Collage

    Everyday I take random images from my RSS reader, and composite them with random options fed into ImageMagick. Which I’ve mentioned before. WordPress really doesn’t have a way interlinking posts does it? Anyway. Just looking at the blocks of things you can do w/ WordPress, oh look a verse block. I did start writing a […]

  • Some cats I’d like to buy

    Some cats I’d like to buy

    Searching for collage on OpenSea this morning, I found: https://opensea.io/assets/matic/0x2953399124f0cbb46d2cbacd8a89cf0599974963/47381297343834251554447485538334712152815840020733518414048122919960551882753/ The first time I tried to buy it the gas cost was around $60. I waited a few minutes and then it went up again. I guess I’ll come back later. (Update: I did eventually buy them, and set them as “featured image” here.) This […]

  • Express yourself

    This is a concept that is easier said than done. Although it certainly brings this song to mind. You have to choose your art form. Mine happens to look something like this today. A collage which was generated for, but not included in the daily cutup. One of 400 collages I generated today. Why? Why […]

  • Incremental Improvements

    Eventually the daily cutups at coalesce.me will be completely automated. But today we are not quite there yet. While a series of scripts create the cutups and collages, choosing and inserting the collage into the post each day remains a manual task. I don’t really know how to automate that part yet, but I have […]

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