The Platform is the Perspective

The choice of platform when creating digital art should require some contemplation. The use of commercial software platforms have their place. In some minds that is no place, but in others it is first and foremost. The platform and my perspective is that if you give me the opportunity to contribute, I will use it. Maybe at this time I am too preoccupied to participate, but I want that option and I can at least now use the product of the collective to produce something. Anything.

Black sketch in Krita

To honour the efforts of the community who collaborate on these amazing projects only these “Free Open Source Software” platforms are interesting to me. In my perspective the people who are using proprietary software tools are not thinking critically. On the one hand I see they are outcome orientated, only focused on results. Give me the tools to do the job and what process or ideology that put these things into my hand does not matter. The process is so important. The medium is still the message, but now we call the medium the platform. But what is the message. I’ve already stated: I’m not going to use commercial tools, but rather the tools the community provide. This is not a commercial endeavour. This is my free time, and the tools I use will also be “Free”. For whatever it is worth, and at this stage to the onlooker it may seem very little. Oh but it is precious. So very precious.

Photo Manipulation in Pocket Paint

The word of the day: 像

So much to do and learn in the time that is left to me. Develop an art practice. Writing. Research. Work, work, work. There is so much to do and not enough time. Speaking of time, I spent an inordinate amount of with Pocket Paint today just removing some white edges where the fill tolerance was not low or high enough on this image today, based on the character for xiàng:

Pocket Paint colour fill

I played with two other colour palettes before arriving at some green that felt right. Why spend time on these childlike primitive drawings? Is that what you think? Maybe it is maybe it isn’t. I did spend time on this. I made this, it didn’t exist before I made it. And then it only existed on one very old tablet computer in some memory and on an old sd card recycled from some former phone. Now it’s uploaded to a webserver stored on some replicated storage and cached in a few browsers now. If you viewed it then it’s cached again somewhere else. The image exists and has a life of it’s own now, and I created it. If that is not some form of art I don’t know what is. See you down the road.






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