Thinking about Ā Mua

Last week Ruth Bader Ginsburg past away. One of our biggest fears for this American political cycle realised. She was the anchor for our progressive hopes and dreams on that high court bench. We will carry on without her. I made this digital painting in her memory.

A digital painting created in the Krita Free/Open source painting program.  It was inspired by Georgia O'Keefe's Blue Flower.
Blue Flower

In Aotearoa it was Maori Language week. These concerns for Ā Mua (the future) come to you from Te Whanganui-a-Tara.

In the past few weeks I have been thinking about my purpose in life. Apparently building a digital art gallery is part of my ambition. Online or digital, call it what you will, it involves using electricity. Working with people from a safe distance, though certainly burning some fossil fuels in the process.

Of course I am not purely interested in digital painting. I have a collection of audio files from i mua I plan to archive in this gallery.

Digital preservation and archiving another activity I wish to engage in. But it is Ā Mua which concerns me the most. Collecting things in the future. Having a place for them. Developing some programming around them. An online art museum. For now I am calling it, but that name could change and become something else. As it has done before.






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