Why I voted

To my memory I had not voted in an American general election since 2004 and I didn’t think I would ever vote in one again. As far as I can recollect I have never voted for a Democrat before either. Nor a Republican for that matter of course. You see I am what they call the radical left. In 2004 I voted for a man named David Cobb. I didn’t know much about the candidate but I supported the party he represented, yep the Greens. Mainly I support their platform around social justice. Don’t get me wrong, I think taking care of the environment is important also, but mainly it is supporting under represented minorities that is the most important work we can do for society. Diversity in a word. That is the thing I most want to support.

Obviously there is one candidate in this presidential race that values this less than the other. And I was resigned to the fact that this country which I no longer even live in should get what it’s broken political system will give them. It wasn’t until the vice presidential debate that I made up my mind. The fly debate. When that fly landed on Michael Pence’s head, I knew I had to vote.

The blinding white light…

It was like a message from god. Only I don’t use the term god, let’s substitute Universe with out the in front of it as Bucky Fuller would. It was a message from Universe, that I had to do something.

Just like that fly thought Mike Pence’s head was a light bulb, the light bulb lit for me that I had to do something. I was also seeing my own close relativities announcing on Facebook they were voting, and some of them appeared to be voting for the other guy, so that was another factor, but the fly was the tipping point. It wasn’t like I was undecided on who I wanted to vote for, but I hadn’t even really considered voting up until that point. I couldn’t wait to get down to the post office to mail in my absentee ballot.

I also couldn’t wait for Stephen Colbert to state the obvious.

I had no idea how to vote and I just googled it of course and found a website that seemed legitimate:

Read some things, printed out some forms and took them to my local post shop. The post man there was like, it’ll never make it, especially if a Republican gets a hold of it. But like a prayer I paid my 7 or 8 bucks and sent it off. Sure enough I got a message from the elections office a few days before the absentee mail in dead line with them informing me I was not registered in my former home county. And they attached the form you need to fill out and told me to just scan and email that back to us and then you can vote by email. I had to sign a waiver that my vote would not be private, but well you know who I’m voting for anyway. So I got registered and I voted by email and it was not horribly difficult.

I would call it vote for sanity.






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